One foot on the ledge and
I'm feeling for safety.

Somewhere between sure and
I don't know, maybe.

Have you seen the Queen of the Castle?

@lightsy: Winning find of the day. Real metal mini master swords. Now I can open my bills with style!

@zeddkillsthelights said: Das so cute Kim! ^////^

Thank you! c;

“It’s so true.  It sounds so bad but when I was a kid I used to make these lists of things I wanted to change about myself, you know, things I didn’t like. There’s all kinds of things you don’t like and my nose was one of them.  And over time it became my favorite feature of myself. It’s just those things you learn as you grow into yourself.  Don’t change them; just learn how to be comfortable with them.”
- Lights 
Home Is Where The Heartache Is by The Februarys
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My boyfriend told me that while he’s away for his training for the Marines he listens to Lights songs because of me.  

So while he’s away listening to Lights songs that remind him of me, I’m here making gifs of Lights songs that remind me of him.  

Can I just ♡

Face Up by Lights
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